Tuesday, June 04, 2013

2 weeks from today.....

I will be on my way to the Yukon for the most amazing adventure ever. I am giddy I am so excited but I have to keep it contained for the next 2 weeks or I will drive everyone foolish. Today in the mail I received this:

The contents look like this:

My amazing friend Jenn who is also going on this trip was thoughtful enough to send me this little goody package as I am traveling the farthest to get there. I can't wait to get there. If you so desire (which means of course you do) you can follow the whole trip as we blog from the road. Check it out at www.indigosravens.com. I think. If that doesn't work google it. You'll find us. :)


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a snazzy goodie bag; Jen is so cool!

Two weeks. What the heck?! This is happening!

Sarah said...

That's awesome... my mum just told me that I got a package at her house from a Jen someone in London!!!

Can't wait... 2 weeks to go!

(and yes, that link is right...it's just not a hyper link on your blog!)

SEE you in 2 weeks!