Sunday, June 30, 2013

My amazing trip.

I spent the most amazing weekend in the Yukon with 4 amazing ladies. I am not going to go into detail on here because I am assuming you have all followed the blog through Facebook links or through here. I am just going to say it was amazing, I learned a lot about myself and have solidified some life long relationships. And I kissed a girl, but that's another story. :)
I have a lot of pictures on my phone so I thought you and I would just go through them and then when they are here I can delete them. So here we go in no particular order. 

I have been trying for months to grow my hair out and it's driving me foolish. So I went to my hairdresser and said "do something or I am going to shave it off" this is what she did and I must admit I like it a lot. Comments? Be honest. 

My very first ever Starbucks. It was Iced Coffee. Honestly the ice coffee at McDonalds is better. In my opinion of course. 

In a bathroom stall in Mayo, Yukon. There are still some places where you can smoke and pee at the same time. There were actually cigarette butts in there, yes I checked. 

How I spent most of my evenings in the Yukon. I believe this picture was taken close to midnight. 

Snow baby!!!

Who is that bearded fool standing in the snow??

Oh Kennie how she loved to lick everyone. 

My amazing blogger buddy Kara who I have been waiting 7 years to meet!!

The campground we stayed at in Dawson City. 

Kara said she found us a house to live in. Bit of a fixer upper but with my husband being a carpenter shouldn't be a problem!

Or maybe this beautiful side by side?

Taken from the plane as we are flying over the Yukon. That's snow on them there mountains!!

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