Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Well, everything is said and done. Our house has a sold sign, and the new one does too. The mortgage chick was here this morning and all papers are signed. Now we really have to start packing. We have packed up most of the basement so far. I have 2 boxes of stuff for a yard sale that I'm going to have with a friend of mine in about a month. I am also getting rid of most of my baby stuff, but I'm having a hard time trying to decide if I want to sell the crib. Most of the other big stuff has been accounted for, except for the swing and the high chair, which is going in the yard sale. We were approved to move into Sackville Manor today. Just a formality, but the park owner seems really nice. So far at least. I was driving around the park yesterday, and I really can't wait to move in. And for a park that is just of Highway 101, you don't hear any road noise, which is very nice. Rob painted Colby's new bed last night. We are going to move him to a "big boy" bed when we move. Now all I have to do is get him out of pull ups!

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