Monday, April 05, 2004

Well, we frantically put a bid on the trailer we wanted in Sackville AND GOT IT! They have no problem being out by April 30th. Which is 25 days from now. All the appliances are included. It is a counter top range, wall oven, dishwasher, fridge, stand up freezer and washer and dryer. I will be selling the washer and dryer as we have our own. They did the inspection on our house yesterday. I must say, he's not the brightest bulb in the box. When the offer initially was presented to us, they wanted the drapes, drapery hardware, FIREPLACE, (yes, you read that right), FLOORING, MANTLE. Who in their right mind is going to rip up the floor? And I'll tell ya, for anyone who has seen my house, if you can take the fireplace out, you can have it! Even when the inspection was done yesterday, they were questioning if we put the fireplace in and if it is up to code. My fireplace is a wood fireplace and it built into the damn house! What a wingnut. They also want a certificate from ADT to prove that the ADT box on the wall is actually from ADT and is monitored by them. So I have to go to ADT tomorrow to get a certificate from them. I'm almost regretting taking this guy's offer. What a pain in the ass. And, he hasn't even finalized the deal yet because he wanted to call his insurance to make sure a house with a fireplace will be covered. Because, as you know, I'm the only person in the WORLD who has a wood fireplace in their livingroom!!!! Anyways, we are the house of the sick this weekend. It started Thursday night with me, then Friday with Colby and all weekend with the both of us. I am home tonight because I can barely talk and feel like crap. Life is fun.

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