Friday, April 23, 2004

Well, time is running short. We close on the trailer Wednesday, so that will give us a day to clean before we move in. The other people had 2 cats and I want to steam clean the carpet before we move it. I am taking advantage of the time I get with Colby this week, as next week will be very rushed. We go to the lawyer's tuesday morning, he's spending the night with mom and dad tuesday night, we walk through the trailer wednesday so I'll see if mom and will just hang on to him, Kelly and BJ will pick him up from mom's after they get off work and bring him home for a night, he goes back to mom and dad's on thursday and they'll keep him friday when we move, and he's spending the night with gramma and poppa on Friday night. So I'll have him monday and a couple mornings, and then I'll get him back Saturday. Not that I won't have enough to fill my time with, but man, that's a long time away from him. Thankfully I have wonderful family support to make this all happen. It's still hard to be away from him though. Working this shift (3:30-12) or 5:1:30 as I have been working, gives me some wonderful time for just Colby and Mommy. I know I won't always have this time, as I know before long he's not going to want to spend all day with his mom. I'm just glad that I can do this.

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