Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well, so far the new car has been a nightmare. I brought it home on Tuesday, and while out at yard sales on Saturday morning with Sandra it shut off while driving. No amount of effort on BJ's part could get it going, so I had it towed to the garage. The funny thing is, Sandra and I were talking earlier that day and I told her how I had put Mobile Assist on my cell phone. Well, I called them and had it towed. I called the mechanic on Monday morning, and he said that he could not find anything wrong with it. To make matters worse, he said when it was towed to his shop on Saturday he turned it on to move it and it!!! I went and got it back Monday, and yesterday while driving down the highway (luckily Colby was not with me) it shut off. AGAIN. So I managed to get it to the side of the road and called a tow. Again. Yesterday it was 32 degrees and I had to sit in the car to call the tow with the windows up because I could not hear on the highway. Needless to say, I was very sweaty. And of course, once it got to the mechanics it started. Dad was there and I asked him to try to start it, because if I did and it went, I would have a "Matthew Perry" moment (from the Whole Nine Yards). We have come to the conclusion that the fuel pump is the problem. Well, the fuel pump on a 96 Cavalier is 720.00! That doesn't even include labor to put the damn thing on! At that point, after losing the day from work, I broke down, right in the shop. Dad works for a guy who buys written off cars and fixes them up to sell. In the process, he has collected a somewhat "mini salvage yard" for him. So Dad called him, and lucky for me he had a 97 Cavalier with the fuel pump! When asked how much he wanted for this, he said "a case of beer", which of course made me cry again. This man who I hardly now is giving me this piece. It is now at the mechanics and I should have my car back by tomorrow. Daddy to the rescue! Just one of the many reasons we moved home. And we have had 2 people look at the truck already. I have to drive it to work tonight but after that, the first person who comes with cash can have it!

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