Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I caught a star Daddy!

BJ and Kelly have moved to Amherst. It is weird not having them 10 minutes away. Even though I didn't see them everyday, it's different now that I know that they are not there. At this point, I am very jealous of my brother as he was finally able to say goodbye to his 5 year history of working in a call centre. It will be nice for him to have a break from work and to just enjoy life. They will be back tomorrow and I'm going to meet up with him on Friday when Kelly has her surgery for her gall bladder. The funniest thing happened with Colby on the weekend. Rob had the flash out for my camera and was replacing the batteries. When Colby asked what it was, Rob flashed the flash right in Colby's eyes. (Man, that sounds really mean). Colby then started grabbing at the air and then looked up and Rob and said, Daddy I caught the star! I thought Rob was going to pee his pants. Because, then, Colby wanted Rob to do it again so he could "catch the stars". We took Colby to the Oakmount Station on Sunday. It was a karaoke going away party for BJ and Kelly. Colby was fascinated. All he wanted to do was go up and "sing in the microphone". I eventually had to take him home because he was getting upset that he couldn't go up. I have pictures that I will be getting back tomorrow which of course will be on here by the end of the week.

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