Thursday, August 12, 2004

Well, I have been neglecting this blog and there is no excuse for it except that I'm tired. Rob and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversay a week late, as he had to work. We went to the Upper Deck on Saturday. We started by walking on the waterfront, which coincidently the Buskers are in town, and then went to dinner. And God love Rob, when we sat down at the Upper Deck, he put his hand on my menu before I could look and it and said, "Honey, the prices are very expensive here but you deserve it so don't freak out!". How well does this man know me. And the prices WERE expensive (Rob's steak dinner was 34.99 and my scallop pasta was 24.99). We had a 20.00 off coupon from the Entertainment Book which helped somewhat. Except Rob left a 12.00 $ tip!! I was mortified! I have never left a 12.00 tip anywhere in my life! I know it's suppose to be a percentage of the total but STILL! Colby has mastered potty training. He has to have a pull up on at night or he'll wet the bed. The funny thing is, he won't pee at all at night if he has the pull up on, but will pee if he doesn't. That's fine with me, I keep using the same pull up over and over again! I can't believe how big he's getting. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that he's going to be 3! In 2 more years he's off to school!

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Tawny said...

Happy Anniversary to you both :).

I remember when Tay and I went to the Upper Deck for New Year's the first year we were together, and ya, it was pricy but I liked it a lot :). But you guys deserved a nice night out!!

(BTW, this commenting thing makes me log in as my username so that's why it says Marian, not Tawny! :) )