Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I just finished watching the end of Outback Jack. I have never seen the show before, and only watched it as backround noise as I was reading. Well, what a corny show. The end of it, where Marissa was kicked off, was pathetic. She was bawling, he was bawling, and of course, I was bawling. I can't believe he picked her over the cold blond one. But again, without ever seeing the show, I have no idea the backrounds of the characters. Kelly's sister had a baby on Thursday. His name is Cody and he's just too cute for words. Both mommy and baby are doing well. Cody he still battling jaundice and has been "suntanning'' under UV lights to bring down his billy ruben count. Colby has been in there 2 times and all he talks about is Lindsay and Baby Cody. Rob took him to see the Parade of Sail yesterday as the Tall Ships left port. They have some great pictures. I guess he was great downtown. Rob and Adam took him, and of course they 2 good looking men together with this good looking little boy look like the typical gay family. Sunday was our wedding anniversary. We have been married 6 years. It didn't feel like much of an anniversary as Rob worked and we are going to celebrate this weekend as we are both off. It was nice though. Mom called at 10AM to wish us happy anniversary and Kelly called later that day. Mom bought us a beautiful anniversary plate that looks really nice in the china cabinet. Oh, and for those who don't know already, I have been following the Weight Watchers Point System and to date have lost 22.8lbs! Go me! I am quickly running out of pants that fit me as they are all falling off, but it's a nice complaint to have!

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