Monday, September 20, 2004

Colby and I spent the weekend in Amherst with BJ and Kelly. Colby had a blast. He was most impressed with the hardwood floors, because he kept trying to skate and would fall flat on his ass! They have a beautiful apartment. The outside is not very astethically pleasing, but the inside makes up for it. When you first walk in it, it smells like a museum. All that is missing is the red velvet ropes. So Rob has been transferred. He will be going to Winners in Bayer's Lake. We're unsure as to exactly when, but it will be a good change for him. It's more adminstrative in nature. He's excited. They keep changing the date of when he's going. I took pictures in Amherst. I have to finish the roll off and then I'll get them developed and posted!

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