Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mommy, your car is a piece of crap!

Finally, a moment to update. I just finished mopping the floors (what fun) and while it's drying I thought I would share the last couple of days. I booked the church for Kelly and BJ for July 30th, 2005. When I was talking to the church secretary, she asked me, "For 2 or 4?" Puzzled, I replied, "well, 2 of course". Then she proceeded to tell me that they don't recommend 2 becuase of receptions, and would really prefer 4. After a moment of silence, I replied, "well, there is only 2 of them getting married!". The spontanous burst of laughter on the other end made me realize she was talking about 2PM or 4PM, not 2 or 4 people. Needless to say, 2 people are getting married at 4pm. Secondly, Rob and I decided to swap cars on Friday since he was off and my car needed gas. I get a text message at work around 4 pm stating, "Your Fxxx car died". You have to understand, when I first bought my car, we had a real issue with the car shutting off. I was extremly puzzled and asked him if he put gas in it. He replied he didn't, but there was still lots of gas left. Well, on my home from work I put gas in the car, and it started up first try. Rob still believes that there may be a problem, but between you and I, I think the problem was lack of fuel. The only reason I am sharing this story, is of course Rob had Colby with him, and when the car died, he stated in frusteration "This car is a piece of crap". Well, you can just guess what Colby says everytime he now sees my car. "Mommy, your car is a piece of crap". Out of the mouth of babes. I also bought him "Love you Forever" by Robert Munsch, as he is really into reading. Well, if anyone who has a little boy has ever read this book, it is a real tear jerker. I only made it halfway through the book and started bawling! Poor Colby didn't know what to do. Now, whenever he brings me that book, I tell him I can't read that one and we read something else. If you haven't read it, I would suggest reading it, if you can get through it. I also just finished reading "The DiVinci Code", by someone or another ( don't remember the author). Kelly loaned it to me when I was in Amherst, and what a FABULOUS book! I highly recommend it to anyone. I read it in about 4 days. There is now a line up of people that want to read it! Floor is now dry, off for a swim before work!

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