Monday, September 13, 2004

Off to Amherst!

Well, my new schedule at work is in place. I am now off at a reasonable time and am home before midnight! Yeah for me! Now, the trick is to get to bed and sleep before 3. Had a hard time last night. Even though I was home by 11:30, I still was up until almost 2. Luckily for me Colby slept until 9:30! Lindsay and Cody came for a visit today. Well, it worked out that Cody came to visit me and Lindsay came to visit Colby! They were off playing chase and reading books, and I got to play with the baby and feed him. Yes, a little bit of the "baby bug" bit me, but it's over now! Colby and I are going to Amherst this weekend to visit B.J and Kelly. Weather depending, I am going to take Colby to the Magnetic Hill Zoo, and maybe I'll be able to convince Uncle B to spend some quality time with his nephew and Kelly and I will go shopping in Moncton! We'll see what happens. Colby now knows all the words to Uncle Kracker's "Rescue" and loves to sing it in the car. He is just too funny. I am having a problem getting him to eat. The little bugger just won't eat. I don't know what to do. He at breakfast, somewhat, a piece of toast with PB, and then wouldn't eat any lunch, and when we went to Costco with Don and Jean today he stated that he was hungry, and ate a full 1/4 lb hot dog and fries, and then nothing until I convinced him to eat a yogurt before bed. I hate it when he doesn't eat, but this is normal, right?

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