Saturday, October 16, 2004

First movie!

Well, it has been a very busy week. I met up with my long time friend Tawny last Friday, and we went to lunch. As teenagers, we spent many lunches and early evenings at Ponderosa, enjoying the salad bar. We went there for lunch and it was really great to catch up. We promised to meet up on Monday before she went home, but with Monday being the holiday, Rob home in the morning and me working, it just didn't work out. She was in town for the weekend for her sister Jody's wedding, so I know she was very busy with getting everything in. I'm just glad we got to spend a couple hours together to catch up. I have a wedding present here for her that I didn't want to send through the mail, so it looks like she may be getting it for her first anniversary at this rate as I forgot to bring it when we went to lunch. I also took Colby to see his first movie. We went to see Shark Tale with Lindsay and Cody. It is a program called Reel Babies at Empire Theatres, with the focus on care givers and kids. It had a change table set up, microwave for bottle warming, and toys and blankets on the floor. He loved it! He laughed like crazy. I am going to wait to see what the movie is for next week. It is on every second Wednesday, and coincidently, it is the Wednesday that I'm off. I am in the middle of planning his birthday party. It should be quite the crowd. Details are almost finalized.

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