Saturday, October 23, 2004

Tall, Dark and Yummy!

This has been quite the week. This is the first time that I have to sit and update. The week started last Sunday when we had Rob's grandmother over for supper. It was her first time in our new house. I admit, I am ashamed of this as she only lives in Dartmouth. Rob and I have made a vow to bring her over more often. Colby adores her, and I think it is very important for him to know and have memories of his great grandmother for when he's older. And she adores him. And she's soo funny. She is an amazing lady and I'm proud to be able to call her Nan. On either Tuesday or Wednesday morning, ( I admit I don't remember which) I get a call from ADT Security. Rob's cousin Lynn and her family live just up the road from us and put us as a contact for her security system. They called stating that there was an alarm going off at Lynn's house and they could not get an answer at the house. For, of course, I asked him, Well, do I need to go down? His response. "I can't tell you that.". So I asked him what I needed to do. He replied, rather curtly, " I can't tell you that either". So, out of frusteration I asked him, "Well, why did you call me then?" He said, "There's another person on the contact list, I"ll call them". I said no, I only live 5 minutes away, I"ll go down. So, in a panic, Colby and I are still in our jammies, we go down to wait for the cops. I didn't have Lynn's cell number on me, but I did remember when they first moved her that Don gave me her cell number and I wrote it on the inside back cover of a book I was reading. So, since the house looked secure, (Which is a good thing, because the most I would have been able to do if there was a burglar was to scare him with my wonderful bed-head haird0) I ran home and ripped apart my bookshelf looking for the book. I found it, called Lynn, who was at Sobey's and she came right home. I went in the house with her, (her poor cats were beside themselves as the alarm at this point would have been going for approximately 30 minutes) the cop showed up. Well, let me tell you, I would have set the alarm again if I knew this man would come back! He was AMAZING. There is something about tall, dark, handsome AND in uniform! YUM! Right Lynn?! We have also had a death in the family. We set up a fishtank for Colby a couple months ago and most of the fish died. We initially couldn't figure out why. I had the water tested at a pet store and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. We were down to 2 fish. There was a pure white fish that Colby has called Kevin since we had it. I have no idea where the name Kevin came from. He was doing the same thing that all the other fish did (looked like he was gasping for air) and I found out that it was amonia poisoning. Kassie got me something to balance the amonia and it looked like he was coming around. Then he died. So, we decided to completly empty the tank (we have silicia sand on the bottom that was too fine so we changed to a bigger grain). We have 2 fish left, a jewel fish and an algae eater. The jewel has survived everything so far. We had him and the algae eater in a bucket while we cleaned the tank. I walked up to Rob at one point, and after looking in the bucket I asked him, "Did you put the fish in the tank?" (We were waiting for the sand to settle as it was pretty cloudy. THE DAMN FISH JUMPED OUT OF THE BUCKET AND WAS ON THE FLOOR! It survived all the water stuff that killed all the other fish, and then attempts suiside! We put him back in the bucket and he started swimming around again. He's fine now. We put a cover over the opening on the top of the tank last night. I guess you could say he's on suiside watch. Damn fish. Oh, and most exciting of all, we're going to see his first concert! Colby loves CBC Kids in the mornings, and there is a host that comes on between shows who's name is Patty. He LOVES her. She is on tour with CBC and will be coming to Halifax on December 3rd. The tickets were 3.00 each. They went on sale yesterday at the Rebecca Cohn and the box office opened at 12. I got through the line at 12:19 and the entire centre section of the Cohn was SOLD OUT at that point. We are sitting on the right side, 9 rows up from the bottom. There will be 5 of us going. Colby and I, my girlfriend Sandra, and her twins, Alexander and Madeline. The concert is Patty and Clifford, the Big Red Dog, who Colby also loves. I think I'm more excited than he is!


Anonymous said...

Are you missing a zero or is it really $3.00??


Anonymous said...

It REALLY is $3.00. It cost an extra 2.00 handling fee as I paid for it over the phone with a CC so 5 tickets cost 27.xx!

Lynn said...

The cop was definitely worth the alarm, and thanks again!!!