Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope your Christmas was as exciting and enjoyable as ours has been. We woke up at 8:30 and Colby was soo excited! He was extremly excited to see that Santa ate some of the cookie that was left out for him and drank all his milk! Mom and Dad came over to watch him upwrap his presents. He absoutely loved it! It was definately the best Christmas I can remember. Santa is alive and well again in our hearts through Colby. It was topped when he opened his phone. He still hasn't put it down, and has been calling people on it all day! Mom and Dad stayed for breakfast and then we went over to Grammas, where Nicole and Great Nannie were. We stayed there for a little while for him to open his stocking that Santa left there and to play with his new remote control cars. Poppa even called from the ship while we were there and Colby got to talk to him and wish him Merry Christmas. From there we went to Gramma Jeannine's to open even more presents. Jeannine's son Jason (Adam's older brother) broke the news that he and his long time girlfriend Andrea ae getting married on May 15th on an Alaskan cruise. I told Adam that, as his wife, he should take me with him as his date for the wedding. I told him that you will never get a better wife than me, because I will help him find women to cheat on me with and will encourage him to do so! I'm still working on him for that one. From there, we went to pick up Kassie and Anthony and bring them out to mom's for her big dinner. We had Christmas yet again at her house, but by this time I think Colby was Christmas'ed out and didn't really show a lot of interest in opening gifts. Dinner was amazing, as usual, with turkey, stuffing, veggies, greens (any true newfoundlander will know what this is), salt beef, cabbage and the best gravy in the world. This was topped off with coffee and a choice of blueberry or strawberry-rhubarb pie, lemon pie, partidge berry loaf or fruitcake. I am soo stuffed. And to think, we'll do it all over again next week for New Years! Dad got his digital camera, and we got a webcam. We will have that set up shortly and look forward to chatting with it!

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