Tuesday, December 14, 2004

T'is the Season to Give!

I took Colby to our kids staff christmas party on the weekend. Unbeknownst to me, Colby wanted Santa to bring him a phone. I did not know this, and Santa brought him a remote control car. He told me on the way to the party that Santa was bringing him a phone, and was very dissapointed when he didn't. Needless to say I felt like a big pile of poop. So, when he and I were in the Superstore today, I stopped at an Aliant kiosk ( I am not even an Aliant customer) I asked them if they had any damaged or defective phones that they could sell me. I explained to the girl that my 3 year old son wanted a silver flip phone like Poppy's from Santa. Her and her supervisor tore the kiosk apart looking for a demo that they had, and low and behold they freakin' found one! Colby did not see it as he was mesmorized by all the phones there, and the supervisor slipped it in my pocket so he wouldn't see! When I asked her how much, she said that it was free! I cried all the way out of the Superstore, and again at work when I told Sandra about it. Those women just don't realize what an amazing gift they have given me. Colby will now get a silver flip phone (it is a demo Samsung phone, the one with the panda on the screensaver) and he will truly believe that Santa brought it for him because that is all he wanted! Such a small gesture on their part, and a HUGE impact on Colby. *sniff*. Makes me cry again just thinking how excited he is going to be on Christmas. And, yeah for me, I have Christmas off! I was initially scheduled to work 3 - 11:30 on December 25th. But, one of the girls wanted to work for the extra money, so I more than willing gave her mine! That means, I am off December, 24, 25, 26, 27!! 4 days off! Better than a vacation!


Anonymous said...

Good news in having the time off - I'm also off the those days + the 28th - I'm so excited!

Your telephone story was really cute and very touching- maybe you should call up a local radio station or write into a newspaper and tell that story - if it airs, might get those salespeople the recognition they deserve :).

Anonymous said...

That comment was mine, LOL. Forgot that I posted 'anonymously' :).


Anonymous said...

ok.. I am not bawling like a baby... thanks for that tina.. did I ever tell you I am a big whoosy when it comes to sad stories like that...*giggles* demo or not the Samsung A460 is a darn nice phone...:)