Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm finally doing monitors on my own at work now. Tonight was the first night that I worked independantly. I was really starting to feel unproductive, and even though the people I have been working with have been phenomonial, I feel like I'm slowing them down. I really feel like I'm starting to fit in to this department and am becoming very comfortable. We had a guy come and see the Cavalier tonight. Rob said he seemed very intersted and even called back tonight to say that he was really interested but wanted to go see a couple other cars. We have another guy coming tomorrow to see it. Here's hoping it goes soon as it's taking up too much room in the driveway. We have our 2nd step in the "Bring Koda Home" project happening on Sunday. They are coming to inspect the house to make sure that we are properly set up for a greyhound. We know that the next shipment of dogs come up in June, I just really need to know when so I can book some vacation time. I am also volunteering with the IWK Telethon this weekend. I will be answering phones from 9-12 on Saturday night. It should be fun. I will be bringing my phone/camera so I will have pics! I am loving the new phone. The picture quality isn't that bad either!

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