Sunday, November 12, 2006

I will call him Squishy and he will be mine

I am again temporarily boarding Kassie's hedgehogs while she figures stuff out. They were here for a while, went back for a while, and now they're back. And they have babies! The female hedgehog Sunny, well, really is a bitch. She's not friendly to take out, she hisses a lot, and was certainly not happy with me when I took her out of the pen so I could play with the babies. Oh well. I'm bigger than her. And she can't hurt me through ski gloves! These babies are about a week old. The bottom picture is Russell, or "daddy". He's been banished from the house since the babies were born. It's funny to see him try to get back in the house. She hisses and spits at him until he leaves and goes back under his blanket. You can see her in the window. From what I understand, they are two rare breeds of hedgehog. He's a salt and pepper something and she's, well, I don't remember what she is but she's pretty. And I think I want to keep one!


Anonymous said...

ok I want one. Think your brother will be upset if I came home with two babies instead of the one I left with?? hee hee


elmo said...

Is squishy a name, or what you do to them?

If you throw them, do they stick to the wall? How about curtains?


Tina said...

You're sick! And you're NOT going to try it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know you had hedgehogs. they're great pets when treated right to promote the right attitude. They take a lot of TLC to get used to humans though, especially if they're older.

Make sure to get them a good wheel (Not wire, they'll catch their legs in the spokes and break them) and feed them a good quality low fat (<10%) cat food. (NOT IAMS! Iams KILLS hedgehogs!) We always used Science Diet Light. No cedar chips too. The dust is bad for them. They're best off on newspaper bedding or aspen.

... okay, so they're a pain in the ass. Great pets though! :)

-- Gord

Tina said...

First of all, hello stranger! How long have you been lurking in the backround, reading in silence? LOL The original pair are Kassie's, so she's quite familiar with them. The older ones are getting used to us, and the babies are great. They almost have their eyes open. Kassie provides all the supplies so I'm not worried in that aspect. Did you / do you have hedgehogs?

Gord said...

I have some bookmarks that I read up on occasionally! :)

I've had two hedgehogs, past-tense unfortunately. I absolutely love them as pets. The last one unfortunately had a rather traumatic illness/end so I haven't gotten another one, that was 3 years ago now though. Every time I see them I'm tempted again. :)

Here's my last one: