Thursday, November 23, 2006

Only in my family

Rob sent an email to Adam earlier this morning confirming that they were still going hunting tomorrow. I don't normally open Rob's email, it's just a respect thing, but I knew what this was about and if Adam was not going tomorrow Rob would want to know when he called me, as he always does when he's at work. The email from Adam confirmed that he was in fact going tomorrow morning. So, me being me, sent him this:

I'm sorry to tell you but I have had a change of heart and can no longer hunt. The thought of murdering those poor innocent animals has kept me awake with a heavy heart. I plan on spending every minute of my free time with my beautiful wife and amazing children. I hope you will join me in my new spiritual beliefs and stop murdering innocent deer families.

Yours in peace,Rob

to which Adam replied


Hi Tina

You can come with us if you want. well strap you to the back of the atv like a deer... that way there wont be room for a deer and maybe we wont shoot one because we are thinking about that. your murdering husband the 2nd

to which I replied

You know this is going to end up on the blog, right?

to which he replied


no I didnt think about the blog... to early in the morning I guess there wont be any takers the next time you try and pawn my body off there either lol

I love my family. Some day I'll blog about how I ended up with 2 husbands.


Valentina said...

Very funny! Thanks for the morning chuckle :) I always give my father-in-law a hard time about hunting as well.

dawn mclaughlin said...

LOL. GREAT blog, Tina!