Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hey there everyone! I'm home! Man, what a horrible experience that was! As Tina mentioned the QE II emerg was quite busy. Before that, I think I was lucky. Normally I guess the procedures for daignosing appendicits is a little differedn, or backwards as they told me at Cobequid. I was brought into the emerg room ahead of some of the others who arrived before me. I immediatly thought that this couldn't be good news, however I still hoped for the best. I have had pains like this before and it was always gas or an infection of some sort. So that is what I had assumed was wrong. Ordinarily they would have taken some blood, done some tests, checked my urine yadda yadda and then done a CT scan at the very end to rule out appendicitis. Well, I was lucky as the CT technician was in and would take me right there. I thought, well this should shorten my stay. I wont have to wait through all the other bull to find out I have some gas. They did the scan, and sent me back to the room. We were in the room for about 10 mins when the doctor came in and gave us the news. You have appendicitis. Well, our mouths fell open and we both started to laugh. I must have the best frigging timing in the whole world. What else can you expect from a guy who blows out his knee 3 weeks before his wedding. I thought, lets have surgery my last week of work, 3 weeks before we move all the way to the other end of the country. So, here I sit, feeling like a punching bag, hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. I hate the thought of someone else doing my work for me...The worse part is that I can't even pick up my kids! And then there is the S_X thing... ;) Talk to you all soon!


Anonymous said...

You've been married much too long to be doing any of that.


Tina said...

You guys have technically been married longer than we have!

Anonymous said...

Hay with 2 busy boys and both working and the life you guys have tell Rob to take it when he can get it lol.... Mary Lou