Monday, May 14, 2007

"This blows chunks"

This the best way to summarize how our lives have been over the last 48 hours. Rob was up at 3am Sunday morning with pains in his stomach, to the point he ended up in the livingroom. We went through the next day, had a very nice lunch at Tom's Restaurant in Sackville and then in to his mom's. He wasn't looking the best, and I kept a close eye on him. His condition continued to deteriorate and by 7PM we went off to Emergency to see what was going on. He initially thought it was gas, but I knew it had to be something more. He went in to register in Triage and they had him taken into the emergency within 10 minutes of getting there. As you all can imagine, since he was taken in ahead of everyone waiting, I knew it couldn't be good. It turned out to be his appendix. We waited until 11:30 for an ambulance to transfer him to the QE2 Health Science Centre to have his appendix removed. I met up with him at the hospital at 12:18Am. We waited IN THE HALLWAY to the Emergency room until just after 1:30 AM. Rob was on a stretched with 5 other people on stretchers, waiting to get in to the Emergency. I quickly realized why we had to wait so long for an ambulance. All the EMT's where there, waiting for their patients to be taken in so they could go. I ended up falling asleep the first time sitting on the floor beside Rob in the Emergency, and then the 2nd time with my head on the foot of the bed sitting on a chair. I left at 3AM when I knew Rob was being admitted to grab a couple hours sleep. I drove my sister home, who stayed here with the boys for me, drove Colby to school and Jean came and took Joey for me for the day. Rob was finally operated on at approximately 4:30PM today, and I was talking to him at 8:30PM. He's "sick of sleeping", "dying of thirst", but he sounds great. I'm hoping he will be home tomorrow. Joey is having a sleepover with Nicole so I can grab some sleep, and I'm going to drive Colby to school tomorrow morning and head back into the hospital. The timing really sucks. He won't be able to lift for the next 4-6 weeks, which means I get to do all the lifting of the baby. Adam is coming out to help me move some of the heavier stuff and get some stuff moved. My most memorable moment of all this? Rob looked around as we were waiting in the Emergency doorway and looked at me and said:

"This blows chunks".


Anonymous said...

Love ya brother, feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that was a night. Let us know how Rob feels, and you too. This can't be easy on you. Adam and I are thinking about you guys a lot these days.


Valentina said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about this awful experience, Tina! I hope Rob feels better soon!!! I am thinking of you!
Love, Val