Friday, January 11, 2008

A blogger moment

This is a conversation that happened between Colby and I this morning as he got up:

"Mommy, what is the temperature out today?"

Me, looking at the thermometer outside the window

"It's -32 today"

"Oh, that's not so bad"

I can certainly tell he's getting used to the cold!


Megan said...

Ha! We often confuse family back home by giving the temperature without the minus. They can't figure out how it could be "37". They also can't imagine living in a place where the minus just goes without saying.

Megan (from Yellowknife, but also Bay Roberts)

Rob & Tina said...

Megan how did you stumble upon the blog? I think it's great that you're leaving comments. It's too funny we only live an hour apart and are from the same side of the world! (My family is from Hr. Main and I have an aunt in South River)

Kara and Matt said...

He is really adjusting well then!!

Megan said...

I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm guessing I followed a link from some other northern blogger.

It seems like there are more bloggers in Nunavut than in the NWT, but maybe they've just done a better job of creating a "community" over there.