Saturday, January 12, 2008

Northern Update

As all of you can see, Tina, the kids and I are doing quite well here in the North. Colby can't wait to get to school everyday despite some of the issues he had before Christmas with some minor bullying on the bus home from school. He likes his teacher and his classmates. Tina is now back to Subbing at the school in Edzo, generally just elmentary classes but the money is good. Ed, the Northern Store Manager is hoping that Tina will be able to help us out by training to work in the gas bar, looks like that might happen. Unfortunately, she will be only able to work for the store when I am off, so I have no idea if this is going to work or not. We had a breakthrough with Joe the other day. Apparently he had a great day at the day care, spent a lot of the time playing with one of the little boys in there and slept in the hammock for 1.5 hours. We are having some issues at night now after we put him to bed, I think he wakes up and wants to be put in the hammok. He absolutely loves it! It is about time. Things at the store are going ok. I am going into my 4th month in the grocery department and I am about 75% along in my training. According to the training manual I have another 4 months in the General Merchandise Dept however with my work background, it is the area of the store that I know the most about. I simply need to know how the department operates more than I need training on how to merchandise. It looks as though my first relief will be sometime in March. It will NOT be here in Behchoko that much I know for sure. I have no idea where and I am very much looking forward to the experience. I have been told that I am a little over anxious...GUILTY! I have been doing the same thing for 4 months and things are finally coming together in my training and I can't wait to get into my own store. So, with the next 5 months I have to do 2 reliefs and I still have to go through the GM dept and then I am thinking that we will have our vacation and then return from vacation to our new home. I only hope that I don't go crazy in the mean time. Oh yeah, I just thought I would defend myself on getting the truck stuck. The best thing I came up with is....I'M A GUY! What was I suppsed to do, the snow was mocking me!

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