Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conversation heard in the truck

We're on the road for a mini overnighter in the big city, getting full on McDonald's and Tim Hortons. But more about that later. On the way here in the truck, there was an unmistakable odor in the car. This is the conversation that happened:

Rob: "Joey, did you poop?"

Joey: "No Daddy, Joey farted".

Rob: "Oh, OK then".

When did my baby learn the word fart??? I'm sure I have his big brother to blame for this. I heard Colby in the backseat today teaching Joey new words. Such fun days we have ahead!

And if that wasn't enough, I am also guilty of teaching Joey a new word. Anyone who knew my dad knew that the first word he ever taught any child is "bullshit", as this was one of my first words taught to me by my grandfather. And let's face it, it's funny from a 2 year old. Joey has now turned the word into a song, which i'm hoping to get on video. He graced the people in the lobby of the hotel we're staying in with a very loud rendition of the "Bullshit" song, which of course only has one word, and is sung VERY loudly. All I could do was laugh and pretend he wasn't mine.


OHN said...

The older child is always soooo helpful in teaching the younger all the things they will get in trouble for saying or doing.

When we moved into our new house 17 1/2 years ago we carefully childproofed everything. The very first day, S1 (age 3), taught S2 (age 1 1/2) how to maneuver the childproof locks on the knife drawer. It has gone downhill since :)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahhahahahah All grandparents are evil! My mom had Hunter saying "Oh Shit" when she last came to visit.

I love your last line about pretending he wasn't yours! ahhaahhahah

jen said...

I love that Joey refers to himself as Joey! That's pretty funny! :)

Alex said...

I think the only thing that could make it any better would be if he referred to himself as "The Joey".

"Hey MOM! The Joey is hungry."

Tina said...

Well it's not The Joey yet, but every conversation starts with "I'm Joey!"