Sunday, April 19, 2009

The good ole days

My grandfather's grandmother, Grandmother Lamb.
My grandfather's family. He is the one in the front in the dark.
My grandfather and his sister.

My aunt received these pictures from her aunt, who coincidently is the lady pictured above. My cousin Kellie posted them to Facebook so we could all see them. The picture above had a huge wrinkle across the picture, and with my newly found photoshop skills I was able to clean it up to this point. Unfortunately I couldn't get the wrinkle out of her face with all the shadows, but not a bad job if I do say so myself! I plan on printing these and adding them to the scrapbook I have started for the boys.


OHN said...

Weird. My (favorite)uncles name was Lamb. Are any of your Lamb's from New York State?

Tina said...

Some of my family worked on building the Empire State Building, but that's all I know of who went to the States.