Monday, August 10, 2009

How I spent my weekend

This weekend I stood in my friend Jennifer's wedding. Her and I have been friends for over 20 years. We met years ago and became penpals, and all weekend her family would say "You're Tina Power, the penpal!" Before leaving for the wedding, I made an appointment at Colours in Halifax for an "Idiot's Guide to putting on Make up", as I don't wear the stuff. It was a beautiful weekend, and the other girls in the wedding party were fantastic. We all had such a good time, as you can see. And I'm sure Jody, Tawny, Jenn, Kara and Kendra will pick out a small detail, but I'll leave that for another post. :)

Even though I was in the wedding, I still managed to take a few pictures!

My beautiful friend Jennifer. The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Doyle.
Me being artsy fartsy. I can't wait to play with this one when I get home. (No photoshop on the laptop)
The girls in blue.
The entire wedding party.


Kennie said...

hmm... the pointing something out challenge ... well let's see .. you're in a dress, you're wearing makeup ... I am assuming there is also heels involved and there are no glasses .. so that can only mean that you've been abducted by alients and reintegrated into a non northern society construct again :-)

Tina said...

OMG you didn't notice! I bet Jody, Tawny and Jen will and then I'll never hear the end of it! :P

Kel P said...

well those sandals you are wearing look suspiciously like flip flops........

Kennie said...

yes the sandals (er flip flops) that are mostly all hidden under a wedding dress! have we managed to convert you?