Monday, August 10, 2009

More of our vacation

This is the explanation of the top picture.
The coolest hearse ever.
These cars belong to a friend of Gramma Jeannine`s, and she was nice enough to invite us out to her house to see and play in all the cars. It was amazing and the boys loved it, as you can see!


Kel P said...

OMG that picture of Colby doing "rock and roll" is 100% BJ! Cracked me up!

Demeter said...

Wow, the kids are so big! It looks like a wonderful vacation. Are you moving back to Halifax for good? Or still up North?

Tina said...

Demeter we are heading back to Saskatchewan at the end of the week. We'll be driving right through Ontario so I'll randomly wave and maybe I'll wave to you! :)