Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get comfy, this may be a long one

I have been really stressed over the last couple of weeks, for details that I'm not willing to share in a public forum like this. But let me just say, my faith in humanity and in myself has been restored.

With that being said, I have a story I'd like to share with you all about why I feel we were meant to be here. So get comfy, get a snack and maybe a tissue or two, if you're anything like me you'll need it.

Once upon a time.... alright, I don't subject you to that. I have always felt that we were meant to end up in this community. We felt it right from the start, well at least I did. The community is very welcoming, and right from the first day I went out people walked up and introduced themselves.

We have met some great people here in town, and now refer to them as our "extended family". This family live across the street from us, and Rob first met "P" at the store, as his daughter works for Rob. They got chatting, and we were invited to their son's 2nd birthday party for us wives and children to all meet. Honestly, at first I didn't think we had anything in common and we probably wouldn't get along. Well, I am soo happy to say I was completely wrong. "C" and "P" have a son 6 months younger than Joey, and the boys hit it off from the start. "C" would bring her son over to play with Joey, and our friendship began. It soon extnded to the members of their families, which on his side is very large (11 siblings) and 3 on hers. PLUS both of their parents.

They have had some very difficult times in their past, and as we got to know them they shared these with us. They shared with us the loss of their nephew to suicide 3 years ago, who I will call "B". Their nephew was a big part of their lives, and his suiside was a huge shock to their family. To say it rocked their foundation is an understatment. His mother who we all know well, is still troubled by the loss of her son.

I mention her now because from the time I met her, I've always felt a connection with her. I can't explain why, but the thought her torment with his death just breaks my heart. But she just lights up when she sees my Joey. You see, she has a son named Joe, who is in Colby's class.

But here is where it gets a little freaky.

Last May as you may remember, I put Joey's birthday's announcement on the scroll. While watching for it to come on, there was a "in memory" annoucement, which stopped me in my tracks. It was for her son "B". It had a beautiful picture of him (he was 17 when he died) and said "In memory of "B". Born November 4, 1981, Died May 11, 2006.

For those of you who are NOT freaking out right now, let me let you in on something. Colby's birthday is November 4th. JOEY'S birthday is May 11, 2006. Yeppers, she lost her son on the day mine was born.

Yes, a skeptic would say this is a coincidence, and maybe it is. But that's a HUGE coincidence, don't you think?


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is crazy in an odd, but neat way!!!!

Valentina said...

Tina, I truly believe that is NOT a coicindence. There is a reason why you felt connected to this woman...

OHN said...

I don't believe in coincidences. When I was younger I did.....but now, I just sit back and wait for the reason why. It always comes...not when I think it should. But, that "AHA!" moment happens, then you know.

Certain people are meant to be brought together. Though the reasons aren't always clear at first, trust that there is a reason.

(BTW..the word verification is reafers. I have no firsthand knowledge but I think it is spelled wrong ;)

GJC said...

I don't think it's coincidence in the grand scheme of things... everything happens for a reason.

-- Gil.

Demeter said...

WOW, it was meant to happen. When there is a strong connection like that, you got to follow it. I am glad you are welcome to that town and that you like it and feel connected to the people there. It sounds great!