Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is what I have to look forward to

Late last week I went to pick up Colby from school like I always do and he wasn' there. I assumed he got in the bus with his friends and went on home. When I got there, the bus came and went, but no Colby. I called the school to find out what was going on and was told that Colby was staying afterschool. Normally this doesn't bother me, because there is a lot going on after schools that he participates in (skiing club on Tuesdays, soccer etc) so when he walked in the door after getting off the late bus I asked him what he stayed for.

"Oh, a bunch of us stayed for math help".

My first thought was, "good for him, staying for extra help" when it SHOULD have been "Wait a minute, this kid is a whiz at math and is normally ahead of his class". So.... you see where this is going, right??

The next day I get a call from Rob at work, who is laughing. He was talking to the teacher who kept Colby after class FOR DETENTION the day before. It seems Mr. Chatterbox wouldn't shut up when he was asked, and him and a bunch of his friends were kept after school for it. So, me being me, had a bit of fun when Colby came home.

As Colby is walking through the door

"So bud, I forgot to ask, what was the math help yesterday for?"

Him, without missing a beat "The work we did that day. I didn't finish it so I stayed."

Me: "Colby, are you sure at this point you don't want to change your story?"

Him: "No, why?" (At this point he's starting to sweat a little bit)

Me: Colby, you know I'm a teacher right? You KNOW teachers talk and tell each other things, right?"

Him sheepishly: "You know, don't you Mom?"

The best part is the punishment for this. He assumed that he would lose his electronic privledges. OH NO. I told him he had to write a page on what really happened, why it's bad to lie, and what will happen if he lies again. I'm gonna frame it.


OHN said...

I love it.

We (FOR YEARS) had the boys convinced that we had spies all over town. They would do something and by the time they got home, we knew about it. They were always stunned. (We were just lucky to find out these things).

With BigD being part of the big arm of the law, the boys know that
"we have our ways" of knowing things :)

Kel P said...

LOL that's awesome. Love the letter. Better not lie or there will be some big punishments coming your way :)

PS knew my little math whiz wouldn't need math help!

Tara Muise said...

ha ha ha...perfect. i'm sure it'll be a story he's proud of by the time he hits university!

Allmycke said...

What an excellent way of dealing with the situation. You're great!

Valentina said...

Kudos to you Tina! That was a great way to deal with the situation!

Jody said...

I agree with Val etc. A great way to handle it. Wow. Detention at his age ;) lol.

Demeter said...

I loved it, how sweet! It is such a good way of Colby understanding the meaning of lying through his own words and reasoning. Great Lesson! Will follow your lead when the time comes for my kids!