Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

Last year Kassie and I started the tradition of eating Dad's favorite meal on his birthday. Even though I was here with kids who don't eat this stuff (and normally I don't either to be honest) I dusted off the deep fryer and made some good ole artery clogging deep fried fish and home fries. I even found a recipe for a knock-off of A&W Onion Rings. Today he would have been 57.


Valentina said...

Big hug to you, Tina... And, even though I don't really eat fried food, that plate sure looks delicious! :)

Mom said...

Thank you Tina,for putting Dads favourite fish and chips on your blog.He was so proud of his batter for his fish.You made my morning when I checks your blog this morning.We all miss him very much.I am so proud of you,B.J and Kassie for helping me go through the hardest stages of life and I hope I am also helping you all too. Mom

Demeter said...

That is a sweet way of keeping your dad in your memories.