Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well, I have lost count of the showings that we have had on this flippin' house. Today there were 2. Tomorrow there are 2 and possibly 3. There were 2 or 3 last Friday. Lots of people. No takers. Of the ones that were in here today, the first couple loved the house but didn't like where it was (we are next door to an elementary school) the second couple loved the location but didn't like the carpet upstairs. I'm about to lose my mind over this damn house. The longer this one doesn't sell, the more opportunity people will have to buy the one that I want in Sackville. Oh well. No controlling that. Colby decided today that he is going to be a mechanic. He has a red Radio Flyer car and decided today that he needed to fix it. This entailed us holding the car on it's side so he could lay on the floor with a wrench and screwdriver and "fix it". He is now calling it his truck. I guess he is minicking Rob will all the work Rob does to his truck. I have pictures. Just haven't downloaded them yet. Oh, popularity is still growing. (HI KELLY FROM WORK).

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