Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Well, the popularity of this site is growing by the day! Hello Brad, Jean, Nicole!! I feel like Ms. Helen from Romper Room with my magic mirror! Well, still no offers on the house. We had 2 showings on Sunday, and one guy even came back yesterday for a second look. The thing that is holding this house back is the partially finished basement, for those who have never been here, we have a room off the laundry room that is Rob's workshop, very basic unfinished room. PERFECT for what he uses it for. And the carpet going up stairs and the carpet in our room is the original carpet that came with the house. It's not BAD, it's just a bit worn. But there are SOO many pluses to the house that people need to just look over the small setbacks. A HUGE plus for this house is the fireplace. REAL fireplace, not these wanna be propane ones. And we doubled the cabinets in the kitchen. Jeannine took pics of the fireplace and kitchen that should hopefully be posted to MLS very soon. I have been told that the link to the house doesn't work. Well, if you really want to see it, go to MLS.CA, and seach all the areas that have Halifax in it. (I'm still not sure which one we're under). When you do to specifics for the search, look for 3 bedrooms, choose a price range from 100,000 - 150.000 and specify that you are looking for a fireplace. We're one of the first 6-8 ones on the page. Mountain Maple. We have 2 more showings tonight. I'm getting really frusterated. Which I shouldn't as today is only Day 7 on the market. We have had SOO many showings. I think tonight makes 10 or 11. Keep your fingers crossed!

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