Saturday, August 13, 2005

Not much to post

Not much to post today. The truck is back on the road and running again, 2 inches higher than it was a week ago and a new alternator and battery. Colby and I are on are own tonight as Rob is working tonight and we're having the Chenell family over for a bbq for supper tomorrow night. Was hoping to catch the buskers tomorrow but I'm not seeing that happening, as Dad is painting the new deck and we're going over to help. I feel obligated to put something on this blog because I know how frusterating it is to read other people's blogs and they don't update for a week (TAWNY). hehehe. We're heading to Kelly's parents cottage in 2 weeks with the motorhome and I can't wait. Then, it's off to Cape Breton for Adelle's christening. I'm really looking forward to the weekend away. I'm actually looking forward to the drive down and back, so Rob and I can actually have some time together! I believe Adam and Genevieve are coming up sometime this month with the baby, and from the pics that she has sent she's changing soo much! I can't wait to see them!


Tawny said...


Point taken.

Will blog later today :).

Anonymous said...

Mom is sorting out the sleeping arrangements.