Sunday, August 28, 2005

Weekend in review

I went to Pier 22 on Friday night for a work function - the food was amazing. There was bbq chicken, poached salmon and salads galore. Of course, a big function like that had to have the most amazing desserts! Rob and I have started weight watchers again, if nothing else but to lose the 10 lbs we put on over our vacation. It seems to be going alright, we're not losing steam yet! Mom, Dad, Colby and I went to an estate auction this morning. I bought a rubbermaid sled for Colby for 5.00, 2 brand new Hewlett Packard Printers with extra ink (brand new), and in the same lot there was a panasonic cordless phone (not sure if it works or not), some other crazy computer stuff, a couple really nice zipper binders, all of that (including the printers) was 35.00, and I bought a mini acquarium with all the fixin's for 5.00. It was a good morning. Mom bought a box full of really high end pots for 20.00 and dad bought a cute little man-chopping-wood weather vane for 20.00. Overall it was a good morning. We went to Rob's Aunt Rose's for a family bbq last night. All the family was there including Rob's aunt and uncle from Ontario. The food was AMAZING. I was suppose to go to a dog wash charity thing today but on my own with the dog and Colby is a bit challenging, and honestly, with gas still at 110.9/ltr, it's hard to justify driving almost an hour each way to spend money. I'll see all the dogs and their owners in a few weeks at Plant Walk on September 18th. This is a walk in Halifax for greyhounds only. Last year there was about 60 dogs. This will be our first planet walk and it should be fun. There will be walks all over the world on the same day just for greys. We're going to Nicole's for supper tonight. When I asked her what we were having, she asked me what I wanted. I joked and said "gourmet", which is K.D. Knowing Nicole that's what she'll make!

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