Wednesday, August 31, 2005

128.9 / 131.9

Do I have to say anymore?????? In one day our gas went from 110.9 to 131.9! WHEN WILL IT END? We cancelled our plans for the weekend as we were going away in the motorhome. I can barely put gas in the 2 vehicles, I'm NOT putting gas in the motorhome! GRRR!!!


jods said...

That's absolutely disgusting - your gas prices have more than doubled since I left home and are almost on par with the UK's now!!! Gawd... They said that hurricane would affect the price of gas.

Anonymous said...

Can you say UNCLE!!


Tina said...

As of 6:00 PM tonight (Friday), our gas price sits at 138.5/L. I'm in shock.

Anonymous said...

I was in Sackville, NB last night, 1.399/litre.
Still 1.299 in the Saint John region.