Saturday, October 29, 2005

I knew I should not have gotten up

Last night ended really crappy. Rob's dad had my car, and since the truck is running, well, really shitty until it's fixed on Monday I had to get my own way to work. Dad drove me in and I had an arrangement with a friend of mine for her and her bf to drive me home. Well, he's working at the IWK and ended up staying later than normal. So, I thought, it won't cost that much, I'll take a cab home. It only takes me 10 minutes to get home, so how much can it cost? $30.00! and I actually ran out of money before getting back to the driveway and I was afraid he was going to make me walk. He was foreign and I must admit I had a hard time understanding what he was saying. So, of course, I came in, stomped around and was really frazzled. Whatever. So, of course it takes me forever to fall asleep and I was to be at work for 6am this morning. That didn't happen. To find out, I get up to go in for 7 and I left my flippin' keys in dad's car! So, luckily my brother is in town for the weekend (damned if I didn't remember that last night) and he is on his way over with my keys. AND, to top it all off, the flippin' warning lights are back on in the Grand Am. Both the Service Engine Light and the Service Vehicle Light are on. I'm gonna have a fit on Forbes come Monday. Wait, they're open today! WOO HOO! Where's the damn number?

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