Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh I love the New York accent!

I am sitting here at work (shhh) listening to a call from an older lady from Brooklyn, NY. There is nothing like this accent! I just called Christo Hampers to see when my order is coming, and it should be here between thd 27th of November and 17th of December. I will be receiving a letter letting me know exactly when it will arrive. I can't wait! I have 3 hampers coming, totalling just under 600.00. That's my groceries for the month of December! I'll probably end up sending some of it into my sister and Anthony also. Anthony is now working full time. He's working for a contractor who was working at Winners. Rob set it up for him and from the sounds of it he really likes it! I'm just glad he's working again, and I'm sure he is too!

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