Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ultrasound Day!

We're off to the hospital in an hour for our first ultrasound. I'm bringing Dad's digital camera to get a couple pictures (hopefully) of Colby when he sees the baby. I'm also hoping that they will give us one of the little pictures for the baby book. Check back in later today for the result!


Anonymous said...

A little to late, but Good Luck!

jods said...

Twins is one reason why I'm on the fence about pregnancy. Because I don't WANT twins, I'm probably more likely to end up with them... Andy's family is rampant with twins, and as he has three singles it would be my luck to have the doubles and being on another continent from my family would make life very difficult.

Better luck next scan. (I wonder what the nurse would have done if you'd just taken the shot???)

Tina said...

Twins is from your mother's side, it has nothing to do with the father's side. But, since my mom is a twin, you can see why I was nervous!?