Thursday, November 10, 2005

How well I know my friend

Driving home in the car tonight, I just knew there would be a comment from Genevieve about me not blogging. And she's right. Colby is finally over the chicken pox and going back to school tomorrow. I keep forgetting that this is a long weekend so I only have 1 more day of work! Colby and I are going to see Chicken Little on Friday. He's really excited about our date. The Service Engine Light and the Service Vehicle Light have both been off for the last week. I hope that it is finally fixed. My cousin Kellie Ann is flying up this weekend for a visit. I'm going to get her at the airport on Sunday morning, which means she will be here for Colby's party! I had quite a fright coming home tonight. I admit, my mind was wandering as I drove home and on the road to my house I just happened to catch sight of movement and THERE WAS A DEER STANDING IN SOMEONE'S DRIVEWAY! HOLY SHIT! Though, I'm sure if Rob was awake when I got home, that poor little deer would not be there for much longer! The husbands are going out again on Friday, and I truly hope that they do not get a deer, because I will have no freezer space left! We all went out as a family (Rob, Adam, Colby and I) in Adam's truck on Sunday. They took me back where they hunt. Well, let's just say it was an adventure. Adam definately drives that truck LIKE A TRUCK. At one point, they parked straddling a creek, and the only reason they stopped is because the truck could not climb the bank on the other side. Bunch of weirdos. But Colby loves it.

So my dear friend Genevieve, this will have to do for tonight. It's 1:05AM and I'm going to bed. Maybe you should start your own, and not one about how I don't blog enough!

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Anonymous said...

At least you put up occasional updates, unlike your husbands.