Thursday, November 10, 2005

Staying up again for Genevieve

I absoutely love the one on the left, as it shows the true Colby. He loves to do that eyebrow thing that just cracks me up. I'm sure my brother is very proud.

Colby went back to preschool today, and when I picked him up he was very upset. Tuesday was picture day, and since he was still sick he stayed home. He was very upset that everyone got a picture but him, and he couldn't understand why. BAD MOMMY AWARD GOES TO TINA.

Denise Ward was the photographer, who I happen to know from the photography club I used to be in. So, I called her when I got home to find out if she was coming back for re-takes. She told me she didn't know BUT I could bring him up to her house and she'd do the pictures for me today. I LOVE HER. So, off we went to Denise's. This is my absolute favorite picture, as the True Colby is very obvious. I spent most of the night at work just staring at it. He has that eyebrow thing down! I'm sure Uncle B is very proud. Needless to say I will be getting copies of this picture! And, to top it off, she is going to photoshop him into the class picture! It's great to know people!


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Kass said...

Did you get him to do the eyebrow or did he just do it himself?

Tina said...

He did that himself!

jods said...

Man, does he look like you Tina - he's certainly got your grin anyway

Tina said...

Yes Jody, there's no question he's my kid.