Thursday, November 24, 2005

Oh the pressure of not posting!

Again, this is NOT my ultrasound but a picture from a really neat site I visit. I am 16 weeks today, officially 4 months pregnant. And man, do I feel it! I offically have "popped", and we're going to start taking the picture diary to show the "growing belly". But, if I had an ultrasound, today, this is what (s)he would look like! We have also decided that we don't like the original names we have picked out, so like our wonderful friends, right now we have "Baby Schwartz", who I guess could be nicknamed BS? LOL

I can't post from work anymore so my posting has slowed down. I have lots of pictures to scan that I just haven't got to yet. Though, I do have them compiled together.


Anonymous said...

Happy to know that it wasn't me this time. LOL

jods said...

Gawd... I didn't even know that was your last name - to me you are still Tina Power, lol!!!

Tawny said...

I CAN'T wait to see you and your baby belly!! :)