Thursday, January 12, 2006

23 weeks today

I'm just sitting here, waiting for Colby to be done preschool so I can go pick him up. I got a bag of stuff from freecycle last night. A garbage bag full of crib sheets and blankets. 2/3 of this were all pink and girlish. I also sorted through some stuff I had here yesterday to figure out what I had so far. Most of it is girl stuff, totally unintentional. I wonder if this is a sign? I am also having the hardest time sleeping. I was up until almost 3am this morning, for no apparent reason. I dropped Colby off at preschool this morning with the intention of coming home and going back to bed, but NO, still can't sleep. I'm about to lose my mind!


Anonymous said...

So what if it's a girl? Pink, Pink and more Pink. That would be interesting, a little friend for Adelle.

Tina said...

If it is a girl.. yellow, white, green, blue and some pink, to pasify her father. I just won't be the person who has EVERYTHING pink, pink blankets, room, outfits.. there are more colors in the world than pink. I have a hard time with "gender specific color". Bugs the crap out of me. But yet, either a little friend for Adelle or future husband.

Outdoor nuts! said...

No, I can't condone marriage to a Read, then I might actually have to start being nice to Genevieve!

Anonymous said...

No Comment!!