Monday, September 25, 2006


Kelly called me last night around 10 to let me know that she had called BJ and she's on her way to the Grace Maternity as her contractions (she commented on having contractions when she was here yesterday doing photos but laughed them off as she has been having them a lot lately) and at 10PM last night they were 5 minutes apart and getting stronger. I had an update at 1AM by her mom advising me that she was in fact still at the hospital and dilated to 2-3cm. WOO HOO! Kelly called me this morning at 7 to let me know that not much has changed, they gave her some pain medication at 3 to help her sleep and she was waiting for someone to come check her again. So, hopefully we'll have a baby today that my cousin Kelly who's here visiting from Newfoundland (pics to come) will get to see him before she goes back!

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