Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Canada Moms Blog

I received an email today inviting me to be part of a panel on a new blog called Canada Moms Blog. It is part of a big blogger community based in Silicone Valley CA, which has become a HUGE thing. They are branching it to Canada and although I was invited on a conference call tonight to hear all about it due to the time difference I couldn't do it. I just got off the phone with a woman from California who told me all about this. She has also sent me an abundance of emails regarding this, including a contract for me to sign. Needless to say I'll be printing this off to read it VERY CAREFULLY. Have any of you heard of / been contacted by this group? I'm super interested but I can't help but be skeptical. Their site is HERE


Megan said...

Ugh. Be very skeptical of anything that includes a contract.

jen said...

I got the e-mail too.

Valentina said...

Tina, I checked out the Web site and noticed that "Cheaty Monkey", a blog I have been reading for a long time is among the list of Canadian blogs. Maybe you could contact Haley ( ask her.

Her Bad Mother said...

Hey Tina - nothing to be skeptical of (although, yes, always do read contracts carefully!) - it's simply a group blog for Canadian parent bloggers. I'm the primary founder, and worked with the Silicon Valley Moms simply because they have an existing network and a lot of experience with this kind of project (and, a syndication deal, which is the primary reason we have contracts.)

Anyway, once we have the full blogroll up you'll no doubt recognize many of the blogger involved (Redneck Mommy is on your blogroll, I notice - she's one of the contributors!)

Please let me know if you have questions - am happy to answer them!