Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta love 1 day sales!

We went to Meadow Lake last week for an overnight trip. We had some minor work to get done on the truck so instead of leaving stupid-early we decided to go in the night before. Of course, our first stop was McDonald's for Joey, who is obsessed with it. While walking around the next day waiting for the truck, I noticed a sign that local outfitter in Meadow Lake was having a "Friday Madness Sale", and of course being the good wife I am pointed it out to Rob. I joked that I would be going in with him so he didn't spend to much money. Well, it was ME that convinced him to buy this suit. He needed / wanted a white suit, as here in Saskatchewan you can either wear Hunter's Orange OR white. The entire store was 50% off, so he ended up getting the whole suit for just under 100.00, and I convinced him to buy the boots he was looking at which were waterproof hikers (which he did need), which were at steal at 44.99. He laughed as we left the store, saying he wouldn't have spent nearly as much as he did if I hadn't come in with him. I'm such a good wife! :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe a stupid question, but is it as safe to be wearing a white suit as opposed to the hunter's red?

Tina said...

In the fall it is. Winter, not so much. :)

Rob said...

I asked the same question. I use the orange when carrying the rifle. The suit is for bow hunting.