Sunday, March 08, 2009

My week in pictures

Rob has been away since last Monday, which is why I haven't posted. Being a temporary single parent is exhausting! My hats off to any of you reading this who do this full time. And in true Tina fashion, I'm just gonna post a bunch of pictures.

The CRAZY amount of snow we have.

My cranky kid. He hates getting his picture taken.
He's screaming "NO PICTURES". Brat.
He's still screaming.
I tricked him and told him I was done. hehe.
I got nothin. He's picking the lint of his toes. I can't make up anything that would even be remotely believable otherwise.
Lego, lego and more lego. Thankfully they are both really good at picking them all up when they are done. Only 2 pieces got sucked up by the vacuum.


NANNY said...

great pictures of the boys.I can see they are getting alot of use out of the lego I sent up and you have alot of snow up there.Snow and freezing rain again in Nova Scotia today.

OHN said...

Legos and matchbox cars...they both gave me sanity moments when the boys were younger. Hours upon hours were spend building garages, boats, and other towering sculptures....ahhh the sweet memories.

Now the little bastards only call when they need money :)

Matthew and Michele said...

Some of my fondest moments involve Lego. A person just has to thank the Danish.

Curtis Groom said...

Hello Rob,
Congratulations on your prize for being a lounge lizard, Hopefully you don't have another one, I can't remeber reading about one. I hope you had a short week, but likely not.
Take Care

Rob said...

Sorry you weren't there. I was looking forward to meeting you face to face! FYI, I was not the ONLY lounge lizard. I actually consider myself a part time lounge lizard. and, no, I don't have one yet. Looking forward to it. The week was actually pretty good for the most part, other than the lack of sleep from the shitty beds!

Curtis Groom said...

Should have paid the extra 5 bucks a night for a room upgrade, the rooms and beds are a lot better. After the first working of the "BOOK" last year though I was Very happy to skip this year. No one bugging you on the email, no one calling from HO about this or that, just getting things done. It was actually a little vacation in the store. The boys must me thrilled to hear of the new family addition, my son said I should have gone then we could have had two :) If possible I don't intend to ever go again, but I did think of missing the opportunity to share a steak and drink with you.
Take Care

Demeter said...

Love the pics, even pics are just enough to tell your story. Get some rest. You deserve it.

Tracey said...

I hope he brought you home something nice, Tina. Like a hand held shower head....LOL.