Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mini vacation

We decided since we had a 3 day weekend we would take the boys on a mini vacation out of town. We spent the night in North Battleford, and of course we had our fill of Wal Mart, McDonald's, Boston Pizza and of course Tim Hortons!

This is one of the many dilapadated shacks along the side of the road. I purposely took my camera on this trip to take pictures of them!


I want this one!

The rest of the pictures can be seen HERE


Allmycke said...
Here's another barn from my part of the world. Not leaning as much but well on its' way.

NANNY said...

The pictures are amazing and and it seems like everyone is having a great time especially Colby and Joey in there favourite resturant.Joey is starting to look so much like Colby at that age.Miss you all.P.S Are the tins of meatballs all gone yet and Colbys bolonga is on sale here again.

OHN said...

When I first started reading, the photo of the "leaning" building was right first thought was certainly they have nicer hotels than that up there :)

I love a mini vacation that is planned around eating are my kinda family :)

jen said...

Mmmm I can smell the McDonald's from here!! So delicious! I can't wait to take restaurant road trips with Ezri. My mom and I used to do that and go to Cracker Barrel and Applebees. I just saw an Applebees commercial on last night...I almost drooled!

Megan said...

The picture of Joey reminded me of the moment I first saw Michael as a little boy instead of as a baby.

We were sitting in a McDonald's in Edmonton, probably getting ready to head back to Inuvik, and he was eating Chicken McNuggets. It was a completely normal thing to do, and in that moment I saw a flash of the little boy he was becoming.

I miss my baby, but I loved my little boy. And he's now a BIG boy who plays soccer and insists that he doesn't need my help.

Valentina said...

Great photos, Tina. The bison one is priceless!!!