Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Kara

I made a comment on Faceb00k tonight that I was off for the next 4 days. Kara responded that she hoped I would blog for the next 4 days. So, not only am I going to blog, I'm going to take a picture each day (and no, it won't be from ones I've already done, it will be a picture taken THAT day). With that being said, here is what I took today. As we live on a peninsula, each winter we are blessed with an ice road that takes 48kms off the drive to get to the highway. This little shack is at the beginning of the iceroad, and you can just see the ice forming. Winter's coming!!!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hurray! Looking forward to more pictures!

Jason said...

"Winter's coming!!! "

UG! Don't remind me. I sure hope this one isn't as cold as the last two. Mind you, it's only 0 degrees today and supposedly going to +2 over the weekend. :-)

Kennet said...

I think it is very fascinating wit all those iceroads there in Canada.First time i heard about this was a tv-program about iceroads where it was transported thousands of tons with equipment to the miningcompany in a few months.