Friday, November 06, 2009

Looking for a little help

This is a post that I have been debating on doing all night. I have had a very heavy heart for the past week for a family I don't even know. I've am addicted to reading many blogs, and this one has had me looked for over a year now. I found it through someone else's blog and have been religiously following it since then. It is a blog written by a mom who has a terminally ill child. I won't go into the details, but just that her little boy is the same age and Joey and it's very hard not to think what it would be like if I were in her shoes. There is no explanation why her son was born the way he was, and everyday has been a struggle for him. She is very candid on her blog, and I feel like she is a friend, even though I know she is not. I have left many comments to her and her family on her blog. Well, as I type this, she is / or has just said goodbye to her little boy. I'm not an overly religious person, but I'm praying for peace for her family, and if you are a religious person, please add them to your prayers. If you dare, her blog is here.


Valentina said...

So sad... is all I can say. Our prayers go to her family and her beautiful angel.

OHN said...

When I logged on this morning and saw a posting notice in my email, I didn't want to open it.

It was actually yesterdays post sent to me again.

I cannot even imagine what they are feeling.

My heart is broken for them. Like you, I feel like I know them because of their openness in sharing their life.

I also can't imagine them moving into the new house, the one that is set up for G, moving in without him.

Losing a child is something I can't even wrap my thoughts around.