Monday, November 30, 2009

Our boys

A few weeks ago I did the boys' portraits. I wanted these to be a surprise for our family back home, and truth be told I got in shit last year when I sent him Colby's school picture and didn't have a new picture of Joey. The pictures have been mailed and received by all grandparents, so now I'm free to post them for you. I'm just sweet like that. :)

He decided he wanted to dance.

I just love this. I have this enlarged in our livingroom. Joey's "school portrait", in the same pose as Colby, sort of. Colby's school portrait. I don't think I could have taken this picture any better than they did.


Nanny said...

Wow,my grandsons are handsome.They take after Poppy.Tell Colby he looks very cool in that pose.

OHN said...

I love them! ESPECIALLY the one of the two of them back to back....that is a forever keeper.

Anonymous said...

And are now proudly displayed on Grandmas Mantel and wall. Still looking for the Christmas one for the bedroom. Love. Grandman

Valentina said...

Love them all!!! My fav is also the one of Colby and Joey back to back. You did a great job, Tina!